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Program Benefits:

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West End Home Child Care Services offers high-quality Licensed Home Child Care across Toronto. Our experienced and dedicated affiliated Providers deliver engaging programs that meet the needs of each and every child in care.

Your home might be the perfect place to offer licensed Home Child Care through West End Home Child Care Services. Home Child Care Providers are self-employed contractors who must undergo a rigorous screening and selection process before their premises are approved and licensed as part of the Agency. West End Home Child Care Services monitors each home child care location on a regular basis and provides training and support to ensure quality child care standards.

Through our license from the Ministry of Education our Agency offers:

  • Licensed Premises Signage
  • Earnings based on number & ages of children
  • Provincial Enhancement Grant for eligible Providers
  • Dedicated staff to help with client referrals
  • Access to Toronto child care subsidy clients
  • Monthly support visits from a Quality Assurance Consultant

The preferred Applicant will:

  • Meet Ministry of Education regulations (CCEYA, 2014)
  • Provide Clear Criminal Reference Checks for all adult residents in the home
  • Be willing to take Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers and/or School Agers
  • Have previous child care experience or training; ECE or ECA qualification is a plus
  • Be able to speak conversational English and complete required child care tracking forms

We operate in City of Toronto Wards: 4, 9,10,11,12, and 13

Opening a Home Child Care Location with West End Home Child Care Services

Thank you for your interest in our organization. We want to give you some information on what you need to have in place in your home, and what documents and training you need before you can become an active Provider for us. We will also list what the duties of the Provider and the Agency are, and what the process is for being accepted by West End Home Child Care Services.

New Provider Process:

The Agency will interview the applicant over the phone and confirm location, set-up, experience, training and attitude towards providing care. West End Home Child Care will assess if the Applicant is a good candidate for a Provider and arrange a visit to the home. This will be made by a Home Consultant for an initial Home Study.

If the Home Study is satisfactory, the Applicant will be asked to provide the documents listed below including clear Police Reference Checks for all residents.

Once all documents are received, the Agency will provide a list of appropriate equipment needed and guidelines on how to set-up the home for service. They will also set a timeline for when then home should be ready for Safety and Set-up inspection.

The Applicant will also have a schedule set for completing the required training and job shadowing piece.

The assigned Home Consultant will do a final inspection of the home and recommend Whether the Applicant and Premises are passable.

Home Child Care Provider Role:

Providers are self-employed contractors who sign a contract for services every year with the Agency

Most homes operate for 10 -11 hours a day (usually from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm)

Providers can choose what age groups for which they want to provide care

Providers have sole responsibility for children in their care

Homes are limited to 6 children at any given time. There are also some additional restrictions (only 3 children under 2, only I child with special needs, where there is an infant placed)

Providers must follow all rules and regulations contained in Child Care and Early Years Act (2014) and abide by the recommendations of the City of Toronto Assessment for Quality Improvement. Providers are responsible for their own equipment and set up costs, as well as weekly supply costs (food, etc.). West End Home Child Care Services has some equipment supports in place for qualified applicants. Please ask us for details.